Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Tree is Planted

In my last blog I started this new journey, this "new leaf" of life. Previously I spoke about my weaknesses, my desire to be better. I have prayed a lot for Gods wisdom in this new season of life. That he would show me my path, open the right doors for Brett and I. I have prayed for wisdom, creativity, knowledge, patience, courage, and self-control.

For a while now I have felt a stir in me to start my own thing. I would not say I had this strong desire. Actually it has been just the opposite, strong fear. When looking back over my prayers I see that God has answered so many of them, but perhaps I was praying for the wrong thing. Maybe I needed to pray that God would help me conquer my fear.

Sometimes conquering fear comes from other peoples encouragement. Thank you to my husband, and my friends Joan and Allison for giving me the little push I needed to at least begin thinking towards the way I felt. Even with all the encouragement, "You can do this." "You were meant for this." "Don't worry about it, you will learn you will prevail." I still had (have) strong doubts. So I started to pray...again.

This time I prayed for peace. Peace in knowing this was the right thing. A sign that would let me see how God orchestrates even the smallest details of our life. And today I got that sign.

Today I officially jump out in faith (not just dabbling anymore). I, Candice Mauldin, am entering the world of freelance. That's right I am starting my own Public Relations and Marketing company. I want to use my talents and education to help others and can be at home with Banks (he is still my most important job). I am planting a new tree in my life.

For months I have lived in fear of what freelancing would entail. I avoided talks about it. I ran from the idea, but something kept pulling me back. Was I smart enough? Would it be successful? Could I actually make money? Now that I have decided to conquer that fear and move forward, I can see God's hand working through every conversation and every meeting. Then today I had a round about contact that sent me to a company looking for someone. Turns out I have worked with these people before and did not even have to "sell" myself. I will not reveal the company, but I can say that part of their mission and title states, "NEW LEAF". (I probably should note that I am not yet doing work for this company, but I thought the symolism was ironic. I hope I get to work with them.)

What can I say, God must have a sense of humor.

"They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season and their leaves do not whither. In all that they do, they prosper." Psalm 1:3

If you are struggling with fear. Be encouraged today to move forward in faith.


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I have no words other than AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's one of my favorite Psalms (Psalm 1). I'm glad to hear about this. My company is in dire need of professional marketing and you came to mind. We actually had a meeting about this today. I'll talk with my boss ASAP.